remembering my nervousness (well, i definitely still am for)

at the doctors

Today I decided to be adventurous and go to the dermatologist by myself before class. The doctor doesn’t speak english so I had to explain myself in Japanese, listen to his explanation, and ask questions. I was kind of nervous so I ended up leaving early, getting there too early.

However, it was successful. my speaking was a 丁寧 (more formal, polite) and I got my answers.

He later called me back into the office to ask me to tutor his kids for about a month in 英会話 english conversation before they go abroad for a bit.

As I was leaving to go home, his nurse came downstairs and asked me to tutor her son next month for a few weeks before he too goes abroad.

So, I looked pretty rough today and it was rainy all day, but overall a success. I also feel more confident with Japanese the more I’m here.

It’s amazing looking back a year ago where I was, remembering my nervousness (well, i definitely still am for the most part) and then i think about today, when I handled myself in a doctor’s office just fine and it’s definitely a good feeling. I wonder where I’ll be this time next year (level/confidance wise)